Finish Descriptions


  • Honed finish - Sanded with diamond pads to remove machining and sawing marks producing a flat, smooth, non-shiny surface.
  • Brushed or leathered finish - Brushed with diamond brushes to remove machining and sawing marks producing a variable glossy or shiny, irregular leather like surface. The term brushed and the term leathered refer to the same finish.
  • Sandblasted finish - Mostly uniform coarse, abrasive finish, tends to make stone lighter in color, softer areas in stone may be more irregular. Available in light, standard and heavy. Standard is assumed unless specified more irregular.
  • Thermal or flamed finish - Variable irregular, coarse and abrasive finish, less uniform on edges and corners. Not compatible with some stones. The term thermalled and the term flamed refer to the same finish.
  • Thermal + brushed – A two step finish, first thermalled then brushed which reduces the abrasiveness of the thermalled surface.
  • Natural cleft finish – Overall flat surface showing natural characteristics, the surface will contain variable fluctuations revealing a more natural irregular surface appearance.
  • Polished finish - A smooth, glossy, shiny finish that will vary based on the hardness and density of each stone, at times dark stones may have variable clouding visible.
  • Sawed or milled finish - Will containing variable machine, tool and saw marks some possible chipping at edges and corners.
  • Honed, brushed and polished finish adjoining edges are typically eased to remove the sharpness.
  • Not all stones lend themselves to every finish described above.
  • Custom finishes are possible, please inquire.


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