Installation Notes

Easy Stone Center specializes in the cutting and carving of stone.
We are not and do not claim to be stone masons and the following information is provided based only on our limited experience.
In some cases it may be necessary to consult a professional stone mason for the best guidance when installing stone.
Stone typically has a very high compressive strength but a low flexural strength (resistance to bending). Successful installation of a stone is dependent on the strength of substrate or foundation that will support the stone. Stones must be adhered to a substrate of sufficient strength to prevent the stone from moving, bending or flexing under the expected load. In some cases a reinforced subfloor may need to be built to adequately support the stone. The adhesive instructions should be consulted to determine the compatibility with the proposed substrate. The substrate may need to be modified to allow for the planned adhesive to properly bond with both the substrate and the stone.
VersaBond Thin-Set MortarApply mortar with notched trowel
Typically, we have found using a cement such as an appropriate masonry cement or thinset is best. The cement should be applied with a notched trowel so that when the stone is set on the mortar bed it makes contact across the full width and length of the stone. Ideally any load placed on the stone will be transferred directly through the stone into the substrate or foundation. It is critical that the stone be fully supported and does not bend or it will break. The thinner the stone is, the more critical the rigidity of the support becomes.

Stones should be protected from staining by sealing with an appropriate sealer.

511 Impregnator SealerGlaze-N-Seal Stone ImpregnatorGlaze-N-Seal Stone Natural Look SealerGlaze-N-Seal Stone Color Enhanced Sealer

Damp-proofing to control wicking of minerals and pigments from adhesives with products like Thoroseal or MasterSeal may be necessary especially when installing porous stones outdoors.

MasterSeal 581 Coating

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