Custom Cut Stone Order Terms

Custom Cut Stone Order Terms

Color Variation: Natural stone may contain inclusions, fossils; will vary in color, veining, grain and texture from piece to piece and from samples. Customers should view samples before ordering. Stones may have natural closed fissures, voids, pits, holes in the finished surface.

Finish Texture: Milled, sawed or non-specified surfaces may contain variable machine marks and possible chipping. Sandblasted, flamed or thermalled produces a variably coarse surface, corners and edges will be more irregular. Honing produces a mostly smooth surface. Polishing produces a smooth mostly reflective surface.

Size Deviation: ± 1/8 inch deviation is possible. Natural cleft thickness will vary. Chiseled edge dimensions may vary ± 1/2” or more due to nature of hand chiseling.

Stone Protection: Many stones are porous and should be protected from moisture and staining by sealing with an appropriate sealer. When outdoors, stones may need to be damp-proofed to control alkali & efflorescence deposits with products like Thoroseal.

Handling: All stone is heavy and fragile and must be transported and handled with extreme care to prevent damage, breakage or injury.

Availability: Agreement contingent on availability of stone described herein and final review of order details and approval by Easy Stone Center.

Delivery: to residences will normally be by a LTL freight carrier and include liftgate service to unload the package. Carriers willing typically call from the local terminal to provide an estimate time of delivery. A request for a specific delivery time or a time outside their normal delivery time may incur additional delivery charges which may not be known until several days after the delivery is complete. In some cases the LTL carrier may allow you to pick up the item from the local terminal. The carrier may only be willing to deposit the package at the street near your driveway special unloading requests and locations may not be possible or may add to the delivery cost, these added costs will be charged to your credit card account.

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